Jeremy Nettles

Jeremy Nettles
lifelong learner; former ice cream man; Knights of Columbus
Livonia, Michigan

Tottered on: 14 July 2008
Temperature: 77F
Ceiling: clear
Ground: longish grass
Wind: W at 8 mph

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TT with HD: Jeremy Nettles

[Ed. note: Jeremy Nettles was in HD's neighborhood along with Jeremy Keck spreading the word for AT&T about a limited time offer: "Order AT&T U-verse TV U200 or higher plus AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet Pro or higher and get one month free and $100 cash back." By the time you read this, the limited time may have expired. It's probably also worth checking for availability at your specific address before you get too excited about having access to the wonderland that is AT&T. And it's really quite a wonderland. Read below.]

HD: Okay, let me hop on. Is that going to work for you?

JN: Yeah.

HD: What I'm going to do is turn on the flash--okay, you are situating yourself so you have your ... are you ready?

JN: Yep.

HD: One, two, three. And it's going to take a while to recharge. You're familiar with this sort of technology, being of the generation that you are?

JN: The last generation of the teeter totter!

HD: Did you actually grow up with teeter totters on your elementary school playground?

JN: No. No, there was one set ...

HD: ... ready, one, two, three. Smile big! Okay, I'm going to do one without the flash because your glasses are reflecting.

JN: I can take them off?

HD: So there was one set [of teeter totters] where?

JN: There was one set in Rotary Park, on 6 Mile and Merriman. And that was it. And it was like one metal pole, came up like that in the middle, and three teeter totters. One of them was always broken.

HD: So Rotary Park--that was the Rotary Club's park?

JN: Yeah. That was the only set of teeter totters we had growing up.

HD: Okay one, two, three. So the Rotary Club, is that something you can imagine yourself wanting to join someday?

JN: Yeah, that'd be cool.

HD: Because I just teeter tottered with a guy who just started up the Rotary club in Dexter. You know where Dexter is, right? [Ed. note: 'just started up' isn't exactly right--TT readers will remember that Paul Cousins mentioned the 10 year anniversary of the Dexter club.]

JN: Yeah.

HD: Okay, so now we are actually doing some teeter tottering up and down. Good.

JN: I am actually a member of the Knights of Columbus.

HD: Are you really? I think of that as an old guy's organization.

JN: That's what everybody tells me--you're like the youngest guy! Actually we've been in--a couple of my friends and I--have been in it since 2003.

HD: Really? So that was like the thing to do in your high school, or?

JN: Nope. One of my friends joined it. He knew an older guy who was in it. And he joined it. And then his younger brother--one of my good friends--joined it, and it just went on from there, like 20 of us joined it. They always make fun of us saying that we brought the average age down by like 30 years.

HD: But the Knights of Columbus, they've got to be happy to see that they're bringing along some people from the new generation.

JN: Oh, yeah. We do a lot of good committee service, too.

HD: Yeah? For example?

JN: We collect money for like when people's houses burn down, regular stuff, raising money for a bunch of organizations.

HD: So basically your job is to raise the cash and then you figure out who needs it and distribute it, as opposed to having your own ongoing projects?

JN: Yeah. It's a Catholic fraternity. I'm not really Catholic, I guess. But you don't have to be a Catholic to join.

HD: So there's a woman over Ypsilanti, it was reported in the paper yesterday I think, she has some kind of a physically challenging situation, and her tricycle that she rode to get around got stolen. And she's totally without transportation now. Is that the kind of thing that the Knights of Columbus would say, Hey, we can do a special fundraiser for that, or we've got cash reserves we can come up with 500 bucks to get her a new bike, or?

JN: I don't know. I haven't been to the clubhouse in over a year. Because I've been working so hard.

HD: So you're lapsing? [laugh]

JN: Yeah, kind of. I think I owe dues for this year. But they probably would, if somebody who is a member knew of it, or that they read in the paper decided, Hey let's raise money for this, they would probably do that.

HD: So you say you've been working a lot. So, that's walking up and down streets like mine knocking on doors?

JN: Yeah, I've only been doing this for like maybe a month and a half. Before that I worked at a restaurant, and before that I worked at a bar/restaurant.

HD: Do you want to give a plug for either of those establishments?

JN: No!

HD: Okay. [laugh]

JN: And before that I was an ice cream man for Livonia.

HD: Really! Now when you say, the 'ice cream man' ... ?

JN: ... I drove the ice cream truck.

HD: With the crazy music?

JN: Yep. And it was really annoying. The music was. But the job was awesome. It built my people skills like crazy--I was so good at talking to people. Little kids would come up to the truck and say, I don't have any money! and I would say, You can have whatever you want. I was giving away free ice cream, so.

HD: [laugh] That was your job to give it away free?

JN: No. Like if somebody didn't have money, like a little kid didn't have money, and he looked all sad ...

HD: ... you would just take that out of your own pocket?

JN: Yep.

HD: Oh, okay. Well, if you're giving people stuff for free that's going to make them happy. Generally. So for AT&T, though, you're not giving away stuff for free?

JN: Not me personally, no. AT&T gives away stuff like that, but not me personally.

HD: So what are they giving away free for this package that you are pitching these days?

JN: They're pretty much giving you 100 bucks if you sign up. Just trying out the system, the first month of the TV is free. It's a pretty good system!

HD: So when you say the first month of the TV is free, is it that the one month of TV works out to be 100 bucks? Is that the deal?

JN: Well, TV and internet would be $89 for a month. And then the TV for that is free for the first month. So your first bill would be only $30. Plus they're giving you $100 just for trying it.

HD: So this combined package of TV and Internet is what you're talking about?

JN: Yeah.

HD: You know, this must have been about a year ago when the boxes first started being installed on the lawn extensions, the public right-of-way there, the big gray ...

JN: ... beige boxes, yeah.

HD: It really pissed off a lot of people.

JN: Yeah, I know.

HD: Are you getting a lot of blowback from that as you're walking around the neighborhoods?

JN: We get a lot of people tell us they don't like it there, it's a historical community. And AT&T is trying to correct that.

HD: So it's not like people see the blue shirts with the AT&T and yell at you ... ?

JN: ... and throw things at us?

HD: Or grab you by the scruff of the neck and throw you off the front porch?

JN: No, no. A lot of people, they like us. They're like, Oh, I have a choice? You know, between the 'other company' that's out here?

HD: Wow, you dare not even speak its name, do you? [laugh]

JN: Yeah.

HD: [laugh] The one question that I had for you when you stopped by before was with the PEG channels.

JN: Yep.

HD: And from what I recall of what you said when you are by here--what was it last week that your were by here?

JN: Yeah, it was probably around last week.

HD: So you actually have access through AT&T, if you sign-up, to like all of the community programming across the country?

JN: If it's on the network, yeah. You go to the PEG channel, it's like 99 or something ...

HD: ... and you type in your zip code?

JN: You type in your zip code or any other zip code, and it will bring you up the channel listings. Now some zip codes might not have any, so what it would do it is it would automatically enlarge ...

HD: ... to get the closest one.

JN: Yep.

HD: Okay, so if I were really keenly interested to follow the planning commission of Lawrence Kansas ...

JN: ... if it was on the network somewhere, if it were broadcast, then you'd be able to pick it up.

HD: Wow, okay.

JN: A lot of the stuff with the system, I think, is overkill. There might be like one out of 20 people would used the PEG channels like that, outside of the local stuff.

HD: Oh, 1 out of 20?! More like one out of 20,000 maybe.

JN: Just trying to be nice about it! [laugh] That and like the DVR that records four channels at once. Do you know of four TV shows that are on the same time that you wish that you could watch?! I don't.

HD: Well, if I had that option available I might be able to find some.

JN: I mean, it's awesome, I think is really cool, but I don't think I can think of four TV shows that are on the same time. Maybe they might overlap by a couple minutes or half an hour if there's an hour-long TV show, but that's about it.

HD: So what kind of TV do you watch? Are you watching that--what was it that just concluded--Hell's Kitchen? That was pretty good fun.

JN: Nope.

HD: Lots of cursing on that show.

JN: No, I have bad memories of kitchens. I have scars all over my arms from kitchens. It ruined my opportunity to be a hand model. [laugh]

HD: So what about So You Think You Can Dance?

JN: I think I might've caught one of those episodes. I don't really watch that kind of stuff. I was into LOST for a little bit, but they got really crazy.

HD: It got to be hard to follow.

JN: And then I started watching Heros. I watch Weeds sometimes. What other show--Chuck. And mostly I just watched documentaries and stuff.

HD: Documentaries?? Okay.

JN: Yeah.

HD: So Discovery Channel, History Channel, stuff like that?

JN: Yeah, History Channel. Even if I have to go online and look up information online, anything about learning stuff. For an entire year I studied nothing but ancient Egypt.

HD: Ancient Egypt? Well, they've got that movie coming out, The Return of the Mummy--no, I'm confusing this--the new one is about China not Egypt. I just saw the trailer for it last night that's why it's on my mind.

Alright, well, I have to say that my hat's off to you, because usually when people come by collecting signatures or doing whatever they're doing knocking on doors, I try to invite them to ride the teeter totter, and people will typically say, Yeah, maybe I'll come back later, but they never do.

JN: Oh, we have been talking about this since we left here last time!

HD: Well, when you left, I thought, Well I'm never going to see hide or hair of them again, unless I actually call and order the service! So my hat's off to you.

JN: Thank you. As soon as we were walking up the hill, the other Jeremy and I were like, This is going to be awesome!

HD: Well, you know what, at this point how about we bring the other Jeremy on and we'll let him take his turn. Your last initial is what?

JN: N, Nettles like the plant.

JK: And mine would be Keck.

[Ed. note: Continue to Jeremy Keck's Talk.]